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Build your Snow Owl Feeder!

Hark! Hoot Goes There?!
Build your Snow Owl Feeder!
Harvest certain crops to attract Snow Owls!
Feed owls, use them on trees, win an Alabaster Snow Owl!

Attract more Snow Owls and watch them play!
Owl Nest

A beautiful Owl decor - a hoot an' a half!

An Owl Totem Pole

A small well for your animals to drink from.

Watering Hole

Dust those corners to sparkling cleanliness.

Feather Cleaner

 The Red Alder Tree actually has a red hue to its bark, and can be used to make dyes! Decorate your farm with one today!

Red Alder Tree
Heirloom Red Alder Tree
Elder Red Alder Tree

Sterbergia is a beautiful fall flower that is available for a limited time in FarmVille 2!

Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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