Mayoral Election, Quest Preview!

Organize with Marie & Walter a Mayoral Election!!! Who will be the Mayor?!?

Peachy Keen! 1-16

{user}, thank you for helping out! First, let's cool off with some lovely peach lemonade.

Quest Tasks:

Gather 30 Water

Harvest 5 Peach Tree

Make 3 Peach Lemonade

The Great Baleout! 2-16

The stage needs hay bales, and our friends would love piping hot apple scones. You're a darling for helping me out!

Quest Tasks:

Get 5 Hay Bale from your friends

Harvest 5 Apple Tree

Make 3 Apple Scone

Chairish It Always! 3-16

Let's pad the chairs, make them comfortable. Then we should hang up a few of my election flags.

Quest Tasks:

Make 3 Lumber

Make 3 Wool Padding

Make 5 Apple Flag

Work Around The Cluck 4-16

A few rakes and some soap should get your farm clean. I also need an adult chicken, as my mascot!

Quest Tasks:

Make 3 Fertilizer Rake

Raise 3 Baby Chicken to an adult!

Make 4 Plain Soap

BONUS Challenge 1-4 - Pr Eggspert
I need some good PR! Help me get these tasks done and set a good example of what my time as Mayor will be like!

Quest Tasks:

Make 30 Hay Bale to keep folks warm.
Raise 5 Baby Chicken to an adult, we shouldn't ignore our daily chores!

Perform 100 helpful actions on Neighbor farms

Let's Ear It For Team Walter!5-16

Let's cook up some cornbread to give away as we survey likely voters! Let's also whip up gifts for our voters!

Quest Tasks:

Make 2 Leather Journal to use as gifts.

Harvest 30 Corn

Make 5 Corn Meal

True Blue! 6-16

My blue election balloons will add just the right touch. If we can get the word about corn out to the voters, it'll get me the votes I need.

Quest Tasks:

Get 5 Blue Election Balloon

Make 5 Buttermilk

Make 5 Cornmeal Buttermilk Biscuits

Walter's Words Of Wisdom 7-16

I've written down my thoughts on optimizing FarmVille! After your chores, could you help me distrubute my pamphlets?

Quest Tasks:

Complete 1 upcoming FOTW item

Use 5 Farm Hand

Make 6 Walter's Wisdom Pamphlet

Baa-ck Me Up! 8-16

The majestic goat is my mascot! Goats are so cute, people won't be able to keep from voting for me!

Quest Tasks:

Tend 3 Goat Shelter

Raise 4 Baby Goat to an adult!

Feed 5 Adult Goat

BONUS Challenge 2-4 - I've Goat you, Babe.
I'm going to be the best mayor this county has ever seen! Let's raise more mascots to remind the voters of it.

Quest Tasks:

Make 8 Leather Journal for the voters to take notes in.

Raise 5 Baby Goat to an adult!

Feed 30 Adult Goat

Team Marie For The Win! 9-16

We need to get more people talking about Team Marie! It's time for some door-to-door campaigning!

Quest Tasks:

Perform 30 helpful actions on Neighbor farms

Tend Chicken Coop 2 times.

Make 3 Crate of Eggs

Why So Blue? 10-16

I just saw Walter's election decorations. I'd say it's time to throw a little red into that mix!

Quest Tasks:

Get 5 Red Election Balloon

Harvest 5 Heirloom Apple Tree

Make 3 Heirloom Orange Apple Cupcake

Election Eggcitement 11-16

My darling mascots have been hard at work laying eggs. Let's put the fruits of their labor to good use!

Quest Tasks:

Make 1 upcoming FOTW item

Make 6 Poached Eggs with Tomatoes

Make 5 Marie's Skimmer Hat

A Belly-full On E-Day 12-16

Are my mascots fed, watered and groomed? Do we have enough food for the voters? Is my hair okay???

Quest Tasks:

Tend 2 Hen House

Harvest 30 Strawberry

Make 5 Crustless Egg White Quiche

BONUS Challenge 3-4 - To Quiche or not to Quiche?
Get your Quiche on, farmer! I know you’ve got what it takes to get this job done.

Quest Tasks:

Make 10 Crustless Egg White Quiche

Make 15 Marie's Skimmer Hat

Complete 10 Order

Soup's Up! 13-16

Preparing for an election is hard work. Let's whip up something hearty to revive our weary bones!

Quest Tasks:

Make 3 Cornbread

Harvest 30 Pumpkin

Make 3 Pumpkin Soup

Hoist 'Em High 14-16

Let's not lose momentum! Some of these election flags of mine will add to the spirit of things.

Quest Tasks:

Get 5 Election Flag

Harvest 5 Fig Tree

Make 2 Cornmeal Fig Biscotti

A Fan In The Hand… 15-16

is better than a hat on the head! Let's also make some mugs to hand out to people!

Quest Tasks:

Achieve 3 upcoming FOTW item

Make 4 Porcelain Mug

Make 10 Walter's Handy Fan

I Goat This In The Bag! 16-16

"Mayor Walter". I can feel it in my bones! Let's make some savory confections to celebrate my inevitable victory!

Quest Tasks:

Harvest 30 Wheat

Gather 6 Goat Cheese from Prized Goats!

Make 3 Cheddar Loaf

BONUS Challenge 4-4 - Cool It
Rumor has it that you’re the only one in the county who can take on orders of this size. We're out of Handy Fans!

Quest Tasks:

Get 15 Election Flag

Make 20 Walter's Handy Fan

Make 10 Porcelain Mug

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