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"Discover how to get this Goats Shelter for FREE"

FarmVille 2 Goat Shelter is arriving.
The start of the new year 2013 becomes lucky for you because more games updates are coming after few days. Zynga and Developers are improving games and you are getting more advantages in FarmVille 2.

After the chickens it is the turn of the award-winning goats have the right shelter!
We can say that the Arbri timely as our cows and goats highlands nubile consumes a lot of space! Anyway this novelty will be offered to help you save space on your farm! Besides the goat shelter can also save a lot of food.

As you can see the limit is set at 9 winning goats. In a second step it is possible to improve the award-winning goat shelter accuillir power advantage So what do you think of this new feature?
 Do you look forward to the build...
Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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