Arbitration for Prized Goat!

FarmVille 2: Put Your Goats in the arbitration for Prized Goats like previously released for Prized Chicken. 
It will help you to get more animals and store and you will also save a lot of space in your Farm because next FarmVille 2 Expansion is far far away. This is for the entire build goat shelter awarded! 
For these new missions you need milk bottle! 
We’ll let you discover them but do not flood! Missions may accelerate in the coming weeks.

Pride winning

  1.     Place a shelter for goats in your farm
  2.      Buys {Total} kid and give him all your love
  3.     Student 1 kid to adulthood

Goji Goats

  1.     Harvest {total} plots goji berries for your special goat
  2.     Prepares {Total} doses of  food for your pampered goats
  3.     Prepares {total} doses of scarlet dye with the rest of goji berries

Pleasure cheese

  1.     Retrieves {Total} pairs of gloves milking goats
  2.     Fed {Total} goats in winning their murmuring encouragement
  3.     Prepares {total} tart goat cheese high-end

A new home

  1.     Completes the construction of shelter for your goats eager biquettes
  2.     Harvest {total} plots of strawberries for your delicate palate goats
  3.     Prepares {Total} pies strawberry yogurt with strawberries additional

Apparels series

  1.     Recovers {total} green bandanas
  2.     Harvest {total} plots of pumpkins to brighten your farm
  3.     Fed {Total} adults  goats  to show them that you still want them

Good attention

  1.     Use {total} times the shelter goats
  2.     Harvest {total} lemon for fresh lemons
  3.     Prepares {total} lemony water for your goats so sensitive palate

Background music

  1.     Recovers {total} panpipes to calm your winning goats
  2.     Fed {Total} adults  goats because they seem to be hungry
  3.     Lends a hand to Mary and observed his goats on his farm

Premium perfection

  1.     Uses the goat shelter for the happiness of your precious goats
  2.     Prepares {total} with goat cheese pies high-end for Marie
  3.     Harvest {total} goji berries plots to feed your goats in the future

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