FarmVille2: Build Your Golf Course!


The Golf Course! Help Walter set up the Golf Course! Complete Quests and win the Grey Short Tailed Chinchilla. Win 1 Golf Course Treehouse at the Golf Course! Win 2 Golfer's Trophies at the Golf Course!

Release Date: 26/04/2022

Golf Course

Faux Grass Roll

Teak Planks

Windmill Wingprop

Materials for the next quest:

Mini Golf Club

Golf Junior Cap

Mini Golf Turf

Golf Gloves

Course Parasol

Club Bag

House Hole Feature

Striped Windsock


Golfer's Trophy

Golf Planter

Golf Course Treehouse


Baby Grey Short Tailed Chinchilla

Adult Grey Short Tailed Chinchilla

Prized Grey Short Tailed Chinchilla


Golf Flyer

Glossed Paper

Polarised Lens

Wood Circular Shaver

Copper Casing

Golf Trophy Base

Metal Handle Rod

Toy Paint Kit

Bakelite Tube

Soft Synthetic Fabric

Cap Decal

Shoe Fabric


Golfing Manual

Course Map

Golfing Aviator

Club Polish

Wooden Golf Tee

Golf Monocular

Commemorative Golf Trophy

Course Leveler

Toy Golf Club

Golf Ball Picker

Club Head Cover

Heirloom Club Head Cover

Golfing Cap

Golf Shoe

Putter Head


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