FarmVille2: Build Your Playhouse Workshop!


Design a beautiful Tree Playhouse! Build a Playhouse Workshop to get started. You need adult Guineafowl to unlock tasks at the Playhouse Workshop. Earn Design Points and customize all 3 parts to win the Tree Playhouse! Win a Baby Hinny Donkey.

Release Date: 22/03/2022

Playhouse Workshop

Playhouse Signboard

Flower Vase

Painted Wooden Planks

Tool Box

Design Point


Tree Playhouse

Tree Playhouse

Tree Playhouse

Tree Playhouse

Tree Playhouse

Tree Playhouse

Tree Playhouse

Tree Playhouse

Materials for the next quest:

Swimming Mask

Skimmer Net

Donut Pool Float

Doorknob Bouquet

Sunflower Hat

Butterfly Wind Chime

Floral Envelope


Baby Hinny Donkey

Adult Hinny Donkey

Prized Hinny Donkey


Almendro Tree

Heirloom Almendro Tree

Prized Almendro Tree


Caramel Cream

Garden Cookies

Easter Egg Cake

Fabric Color

Spring Banner

Play Tent

Instruction Manual


Handmade Mailbox

Heirloom Handmade Mailbox

See Saw

Heirloom See Saw

Blue Swing Toy

Play Pool

Heirloom Play Pool


Sleeping Mattress

Rope Shelf

Wood Alphabet Blocks

Heirloom Wood Alphabet Blocks

Flower Chandelier

Moss Door Hanger

Camping Hammock

Spring Doormat

Floral Window Box

Floral Boots


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