FarmVille2: Build Your Parade Pavilion!


Parade Pavilion! Help Cornelius build a Parade Pavilion! Pack Floral Crates to collect Delivery Stamps! Win a baby Charollais Sheep!

Release Date: 15/03/2022

Parade Pavilion

Float Frame

Wagon Pulley

Pavilion Pillar

Delivery Stamp

Packing Point


Baby Charollais Sheep

Adult Charollais Sheep

Prized Charollais Sheep

Materials for the next quest:

Paperboard Sheet

Allergy Strips

Hydrating Spray

Paste Application Kit

Grass Mat

Parade Banner

Flower Foam Brick

Water Gel Pearls


Music Fence

Karaoke Sculpture

Floral Ferris Wheel

Floral Fever Fence


Rhinestone Band

Taping Ribbon

Fastening Hooks

Pop Container

Fabric Pins

Paper Flowers

Summer Sprig

Gold Foil


Floral Candy

Parade Mask

Float Fringe

Floral Festoon

Feather Crown

Pom-Pom Garland

Petal Confetti

Floral Parasol

Bead Throws

Blossoming Wreath

Heirloom Blossoming Wreath

Heirloom Candy Coins


Pack of 15 Pruning Shears

Pack of 50 Water

Pack of 75 Water

Pack of 100 Water


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