FarmVille2: Build Your Decor Shop!


Build the Decor Shop on your farm. Research & Craft exquisite decor with Barbara! Win a Piano Spring Garden and a baby Imperial White Yak!
Release Date: 08/03/2022

Decor Shop

Blue Statue

Comfy Cushions

Exhibit Rack

Discovery Timer

Materials for the next quest:

Trestle Table

Community Poster

Marquee Tent


Sequin Fabric

Crank Drill


15 Minutes Free Water Certificate

Resource Pack

Pack of 100 Water

Pack of 125 Water

Pack of 50 Water

Pack of 40 Instagrow

Pack of 75 Instagrow

Pack of 25 Instagrow


Bougainvillea Arch

Piano Spring Garden

Circle of Warmth


Baby Imperial White Yak

Adult Imperial White Yak

Prized Imperial White Yak


Giant Yam

Prized Giant Yam

California Buckthorn

Prized California Buckthorn

Brandywine Raspberry

Prized Brandywine Raspberry


Needle Nose Pliers

Twist Rope

Resin Binder

Glass Mold

Design Frame

Weaving Tool

Buckthorn Weaver

Shaping Tool

Fine Art Brush

Polishing Tool

Thread Spool

Memory Photo Board

Bowler Hat Lights

Woven Basket Planter

Helichrysum Paperweight

Grammy’s Macrame Hanger

Wooden Chalkboard

Mandala Crochet Pillows

Fibonacci Conch

Vintage Water Pitcher

Cosmic Suncatcher

Lace Ceramic Bowl

Stained Glass Windows

Jigsaw Puzzle Stool

Forest Life Tapestry

Antique Mirror

Patchwork Wool Throw


Fine Sand

Bamboo Bristle

Garnet Sandpaper

Warp Threads


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