FarmVille2: Plant The Densuke Watermelon! (Market LE Items)


Grow The Norway Maple Tree, Imbe Tree, Fragrant Aralia, and get the Lincolnshire Buff Chicken and more!

A new fantastic market is coming to fv2, with new crops, trees, animals and more...Don't loose the opportunity to read the new infos in order to be ready and let us know in a comment what to do you think about it!!!

Release Date: 14/02/2022


Densuke Watermelon

Prized Densuke Watermelon


Fragrant Aralia

Heirloom Fragrant Aralia

Fragrant Aralia

Imbe Tree

Heirloom Imbe Tree

Elder Imbe Tree

Norway Maple Tree

Heirloom Norway Maple Tree

Elder Norway Maple Tree


Baby Black Livny Pig

Adult Black Livny Pig

Prized Black Livny Pig

Baby Brown Benadir Goat

Adult Brown Benadir Goat

Prized Brown Benadir Goat

Baby Mahogany Mammoth Donkey

Adult Mahogany Mammoth Donkey

Prized Mahogany Mammoth Donkey

Baby Lincolnshire Buff Chicken

Adult Lincolnshire Buff Chicken

Prized Lincolnshire Buff Chicken


Fox Head Oil

Heirloom Fox Head Oil

Fox Head Balm

Dawsons Magnolia Necklace

Heirloom Dawsons Magnolia Necklace

Dawsons Magnolia Perfume

Heirloom Dawsons Magnolia Perfume

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