FarmVille2: Build Your Valentine Carnival Stand!


Traveling Valentine Carnival! Complete tasks to earn Stall Cash. Win a baby Sanfratellano Mini Horse and other cool rewards! Win a Valentine Cozy Seater!

Release Date: 08/02/2022

Valentine Carnival Stand

Valentine Balloons

Valentine Blimp

Valentine Cake

Carnival Tokens

Stall Cash

Milestone Token

Materials for the next quest:

Valentine Carnival Postcard

Carnival Paddle Toy

Valentine Clown Shoes

Big Winter Awning

Juggle Sand Bags

Carnival Unicycle


Valentine Cozy Seater

Love Bird Feeder


Baby Sanfratellano Mini Horse

Adult Sanfratellano Mini Horse

Prized Sanfratellano Mini Horse


Chocolate Mold

Sweet Corn Kernels

Sugar-n-Spice Sachet

Satin Sheets

Crafting feathers

Door Mats

Carnival Insignia


Assorted Milk Chocolate Box

Zucchetta Salad

Satin Comforter

Valentine Door Mats

Valentine Carnival Scarf

Lemon Sweet Corn

Heirloom Lemon Sweet Corn

Throwing Darts

Heirloom Throwing Darts


Pack of 6 Water, 6 Speed Grow and 6 Baby Bottles

Level Up Certificate

Unlimited Water Certificate for 60 minutes


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