FarmVille2: Build Your Chinchilla House!


Chillin’ With Chinchillas! Build a Chinchilla House to keep the Baby Wilson White Chinchilla and Baby Pastel Chinchilla happy! Win the baby Wilson White Chinchilla at the Chinchilla House.

Release Date: 22/02/2022

Chinchilla House

Play Wheel

Water Bowl

Wooden Planks

Materials for the next quest:

Box Of Colors

Welcome Signboard"

Big Plant Stand

Dust Bath Bowl


Dried Rose Hips

Rainbow Grass Mat

Fluffy Cotton Stuffing

Dried Apple


Rose and Seed Bag

Chinchilla Hammock

Tunnel Toy

Heirloom Tunnel Toy

Chinchilla Plush Toy

Wooden Chew Toy

Heirloom Wooden Chew Toy

Chinchilla Swing Toy


Baby White Wilson Chinchilla

Adult White Wilson Chinchilla

Prized White Wilson Chinchilla

Baby Pastel Chinchilla

Adult Pastel Chinchilla

Prized Pastel Chinchilla


Garden Pinwheel

Forest Mist Stumps


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