FarmVille2: Build Your Seahorse Sanctum!


Build a Seahorse Sanctum to help Gus collect Seaho Complete collections to win a baby Spotted Pasiega Cow!rses. Complete Tasks to build your Seahorse collection! Win a Seahorse Statue!

Release Date: 17/01/2022

Seahorse Sanctum

Fishing Rod

Lounge Chair

Yellow Floatee

Dive Ticket

Gacha Tool

Premium Tol

Feature Ticket


Seahorse Statue

Puppy Pirate Ship

Seahorse Fence

Seahorse Table


Baby Spotted Pasiega Cow

Adult Spotted Pasiega Cow

Prized Spotted Pasiega Cow


Glycerin Gel

Food Color

Black Candy Melt

Mini Seahorse

Stitching Kit

Basic Rug

Watercolor Set


Ceramic Stone

River Stone

Stitching Kit

Java Fern

Aquatic Fertilizer

Calcium Block

UV Bulb


Thorny Seahorse

Crowned Seahorse

Brazilian Seahorse

Tiger Tail Seahorse

Half Spined Seahorse

Pot Bellied Seahorse

Lined Seahorse

Japanese Seahorse

Pacific Seahorse

Flat Faced Seahorse

Long Snouted Seahorse

Zebra Seahorse

Rainbow Seahorse

Painted Seahorse

Tiger Snout Seahorse

Materials for the next quest:

Seahorse Whistle

Resin Coral

Seahorse Bowl

Seahorse Chart

Big Projector

Artificial Corals


Fox Head Pet Soap

Seahorse Cake

Seahorse Cookies

Seahorse Bracelet

Seahorse Toy

Seahorse Rug

 Seahorse Beach Ball

Heirloom Seahorse Beach Ball

Seahorse Bait

Toy Broken Ship

Heirloom Toy Broken Ship

Seahorse Cave

Driftwood Decor

Heirloom Driftwood Decor

Sea Waffles

Dolphin Fruit

Seahorse Anchor Cookies

Cichlid Colored Stones


15 Minute Water Certificate

Pack of 20 Power, 20 Fuel, and 20 Speed-Grow

Pack of 5 Speedgrow, 5 Water, and 5 Baby Bottles

Pack of 10 Fuel

Pack of 30 Fuel

Pack of 50 Fuel


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