FarmVille2: Build Your Proposal Boutique!


Build the Proposal Boutique on your farm. Make Customers happy & get Stall Tokens to run a successful Proposal Boutique! Win a baby Columbia Ram. Win 2 Twine Heart Seats at the Proposal Boutique.

Release Date: 25/01/2022


Proposal Boutique

Proposal Bouquet

Red Rimmed Tarp

White Painted Ply

Happy Point

Stall Token

Materials for the next quest:

Book of Vows

Ring of Promise

White Tuxedo

Cotton Candy Machine

Dessert Fridge

Glazing Machine

Drink Mixer

Infused Whipped Cream

Lime Strainer

Decorative Hat Stand

Bowtie Mannequin

Decorative Suit

Assorted Candy Box


Twine Heart Seat

Marriage Flower Pot


Baby Columbia Ram

Adult Columbia Ram

Prized Columbia Ram


Tiger Stripe Melon

Prized Tiger Stripe Melon

Thick Leaved Cress

Prized Thick Leaved Cress


Bowtie Base

Onyx Cufflink

Coffee Grind

Milkshake Glass

Heart Candy Mould

Sugar Glaze Mix


Valentine Bowler Hat

Pink Bowtie

Smart Suit

Diamond Sparkling Limeade

French Cafe Latte

Heart Red Shake

Chocolate Cupid Cake

Heart Candy Pops

Candy Apple Heart


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