FarmVille2: Build Your Holiday Bar!


Build the Holiday Bar on your farm. Research & Craft holiday drinks! Win a baby Vaynol Mini Cow!

If you are level 15 or higher in game Farmville 2, the Ornate Orchids pop-up will appear. Click the Start Building icon to begin this feature.

Release Date: 07/12/2021

Holiday Bar

Taster Drink

Christmas Tree

Wooden Planks

Discovery Timer

Materials for the next quest:

Water Pail

Carrot Crate

Shading Canvas

Chamomile Blend

Rose Water

Triple Berry Syrup


Christmas Arch

Gingerbread Village


Baby Vaynol Mini Cow
Adult Vaynol Mini Cow


Arctic Berry

Prized Arctic Berry

Crimson Red Berry

Prized Crimson Red Berry

Yellow Melon

Prized Yellow Melon


Bar Mug

Chocolate Powder

Lime Cordial

Club Soda

Cold Brew


Berry Extract

Citrus Cream

Melon Malt

Lavender Comfort

Special Eggnog

Mauve Virgin Mojito

Melon Soda

Shaved Ice

Infused Coffee

Berry Melon Malt

Lavender Twist

Cafe Cake Swirl

Mocha Choco Passion

Choco Cream Twister

Sunrise Mimosa Twist

Choco Lait de Poule

Hearth And Home Eggnog

Fruit and Nut Eggnog

Citrus Heatblast

Creamy Malt

Berry Iced Coffee

Sunrise Blossom

Amaretto Ireland Coffee


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