FarmVille2: Build Your Winter Academy!


It’s School Outside! Build a Winter Academy for your students. Teach them about Winter Animal Care & earn Tuition Points. Win a baby Brown Limousin Mini Pig!

Release Date: 30/11/2021

Winter Academy

Academy Signboard

Brass School Bell

Winter Fence Post

Tuition Point

Students Trained

Materials for the next quest:

Sunny Grocery Schedule

Old Business Handbook

Crate of Organic Potato Chips


Baby Brown Limousin Mini Pig
Adult Brown Limousin Mini Pig
Prized Brown Limousin Mini Pig


Winter Bench

Present Day Archway

Present Day Fence


Organic Fillers

Mini Scarf

Coconut Essential Oil


Pack of Course Supplies

Pack of Sugar and Pepper

5 Water

10 Water

8 Fertilizer

Resource Pack

Resource Pack

Pack of Water, Speed Grow, Power

30 min Water Certificate

 Supplies Pack 1

Supplies Pack 2

Supplies Pack 3


Cuddle Toy

Scented Soup

Warming Pad

Foot Butter


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