FarmVille2: Build Your Gothic Grange!


Build the Gothic Grange on your farm. Run a successful Gothic Grange and help make Customers happy! Win 2 Seashell Gothic Lounge Seats at the Gothic Grange.

Release Date: 19/10/2021

Gothic Grange

Tote Bag

Satin Drape Cloth

Presentation Table

Happy Point

Stall Token

Materials for the next quest:

Victorian Bib

Hunter's Hat

High Society Wig

Stained Glass Mural

Steel Cutter

White Marble

French Whisk

Macaron Creme

Sponge Cake Frosting

Hat Dummy

Antique Necklace

Masquerade Mask

Whisking Bowl


Gothic Bird Bath

Gothic Lounge Seat


Baby Spanish Giant Rabbit
Adult Spanish Giant Rabbit
Prized Spanish Giant Rabbit


Cross Berry

Prized Cross Berry

Soft Rush

Prized Soft Rush


Chandelier Structure

Wrought Iron Box

Sponge Cake Mix

Macaron Mold

Corset Lace

Tiara Base


20 Water Pack

15 Power Pack

30 Minutes of Free Water

Baby Bottle 10 Pack


Baroque Vase

Dark Delight Macarons

Gothic Top Hat

Queenly Diadem

Stained Glass Keepsake

Victorian Corset

Victorian Chandelier

Victoria Sponge Cake

Traditional Croissant


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