FarmVille2: Build Your Pottery Studio!


Build the Pottery Studio on your farm. Research & Craft beautiful ceramic crafts with Marie! Win a baby North Siberian Pig and a Ceramic Peacock Statue at the Pottery Studio.

Release Date: 14/09/2021

Pottery Studio

Pottery Wheel

Blue Flower Planter

Brown Wooden Planks

Discovery Timer

Materials for the next quests:

Pottery Wheel

Pottery Books

Pottery Beginner Set

Decorated Clay Pot

Ceramic Birdbath

Catawba Crepe Myrtle Pot


Floral Autumn Arch

Ceramic Peacock Statue


Baby North Siberian Pig

Adult North Siberian Pig

Prized North Siberian Pig

Baby Gray Kostroma Cow

Adult Gray Kostroma Cow

Prized Gray Kostroma Cow



Prized Starflower

Field Balm

Prized Field Balm

Red Tea

Prized Red Tea


15 Minutes Free Water Certificate

Resource Pack

Pack of 25 Instagrow

Pack of 40 Instagrow

Pack of 75 Instagrow

Pack of 50 Water

Pack of 100 Water

Pack of 125 Water


Steel Loop

Caliper Screw Set

Cutter Handle

Bristle Holder Set

Fettling Blades

Steel Tong Rods


Pottery Ribs

Clay Molds

Slab Roller

Loop Tool

Needle Tool

Pottery Caliper

Clay Cutter

Glazing Brushes

Fettling Knives

Pottery Tong

Coded Clay Pot

Ceramic Bowl Set

Floral Porcelain Vase

Royal Artisan Pot

Ceramic Tea Set

Bunny Sculpture

Floral Tart Dish

Sunflower Bowl

Floral Tea Tray

Porcelain Heart Pendant

Floral Clay Pot

Clay Flower Sculpture

Floral Clay Mural

Ceramic Photo Frame

Porcelain Turtle Sculpture

Ceramic Vase Set


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