FarmVille2 Tropic Escape: Littlest Island Spirits!


Chief Kono’s sister Kaya is the island’s spiritual leader, and as part of her duties, she’s been teaching the village children about the spirits of the island.

However, the kids are only interested in hearing about Zemi, and Kaya had trouble diverting their attention from the dangerous and temperamental volcano spirit. Kaya enlists our help to get them interested in the littlest (and far safer) spirits of the island instead — the vibrant butterflies, ladybugs, and dragonflies!


Get started! You’re on your way to meet and interact with cute and friendly bugs while you study their behavior.

If you are at least Level 9, you will be invited to join the Littlest Island Spirits event. You will need to force-close the game to see the update or even reboot your device.

Start the event by tapping on the Grandmother Oak Tree that is near the beach area.

Each of the bugs in the collection will be attracted by a different kind of lure. There are three types of lures that you can either craft or find:

  • Fruit Slices - Attract Butterflies with this lure.
  • Bouquet - Attract Ladybugs with this lure.
  • Seed Mix - Attract Dragonflies with this lure.

Once you have the required lure, drag it to one of the three Platforms to attract a bug.

After the lure has been placed, the attracted bug will show up. Tap the Start Tagging button to see what tasks you’ll need to do to tag it.

You can tag a bug by supplying items for it before the timer runs out and it disappears.

Once you have successfully tagged a bug, collect your rewards for a job well done!

There will be some bugs that have already been tagged and will return. Go ahead and tag it again, as this is a way to get lures! Re-tagging Butterflies is the only way to get lures for the Ladybugs, and re-tagging Ladybugs is the only way to get lures for the Dragonflies!

You will be tagging thirteen bugs in total. So keep placing those lures and supplying items! You can view all the bugs you’ll be looking for by tapping on Kaya’s Map.

Tag all the bugs in your Collection to unlock the Event Bonus and win exclusive bonus rewards!

Unlock Unlimited Sunshine

Find all the 13 bugs in the collection to win the Butterfly Tree for an hour. From the Store, place it on your island, and it will give you 1 hour of free unlimited Sunshine for 10 days!

Helping Hand Tokens

Join a Beach Club so you can share Helping Hand Tokens with your Club buddies! These tokens will let them complete orders and get progress for free without using crafts or Gems! These Tokens are shared automatically in your Beach Club chat when you re-tag Ladybugs and Dragonflies. You can’t earn them for yourself, but you can use the Tokens that your Club friends who also re-tag Ladybugs and Dragonflies share in your Club chat. Complete your collection by helping each other out!

Note: You can use up to 3 Tokens per day.

Temporary Landmark: Gazebo

Search the Gazebo for event items and use these to craft supplies to tag the bugs.

Temporary Guides: Lilo and Sooty

You can hire Lilo and/or Sooty as Temporary Guides to help you out during the event. They will give you a higher chance of finding rare ingredients.

Note: Lilo and Sooty are temporary guides and will only stay on your island for the duration of the Littlest Island Spirits event.


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