FarmVille2: Build Your Carnival Ticket Stand!


Traveling Summer Carnival Set up a Traveling Carnival! Upgrade stalls and travel to new counties! Earn the Wooden Carnival Fence at the Traveling Carnival Win a baby Brown Heihe Horse and other cool rewards!

Release Date: 17/08/2021

Carnival Ticket Stand

Homemade Ticket Roll

Wooden Signboard

Woven Awning

Carnival Cash

Stall Coupons

Milestone Token

Materials for the next quests:

Summer Carnival Postcard

Face Paint Kit

Carnival Poppers

Fortune Tent Canopy

Crystal Ball

Fortune Tickets


Baby Brown Heihe Horse

Adult Brown Heihe Horse

Prized Brown Heihe Horse


Wooden Carnival Fence

Popcorn Balloon Archway


Pack of 6 Water, 6 Speed Grow and 6 Baby Bottles

Unlimited Water Certificate for 60 minutes

Level Up Certificate


Multi-Color Dyes

Flower Print Cloth

Horn Nozzle

Ring Toss Rings

Paper Fan

Carnival Banner


Caper Berry Ice Cream

Summer Carnival Jumper

Floral Paper Fans

Horseshoe Toss Ring

Carnival Air Horn

Heirloom Carnival Air Horn

Summer Shoulder Bag

Multicolored Canopy


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