FarmVille2: Build Your Guppy Sanctuary!


Build a Guppy Sanctuary to help Gus collect Guppies. Complete Tasks to build your Guppy collection! Complete collections to win a baby Bay Zanskari Pony an the Seaside Pergola.

Release Date: 27/07/2021

Guppy Sanctuary

Guppy Fish Board

Summer Beach Ball

Blue Fishing Net

Dive Ticket

Materials for the next quests:

Fish Snack

Marine Display

Exhibition Badge

Water Purifier

Seashell Centrepiece

Shell Candles

Feature Ticket

Gacha Tool

Premium Tol

Rare Items:

Mosaic Guppy

Red Guppy

Black Guppy

Glass Guppy

Lace Guppy

Albino Guppy

Bottom Swordtail

Green Guppy

Double Swordtail

Leopard Guppy

Panda Guppy


Tuxedo Guppy

Cobra Guppy

Snakeskin Guppy

Guppy Bait


Pack of 10 Fuel

Pack of 30 Fuel

Pack of 50 Fuel

15 Minute Water Certificate

Pack of 20 Power, 20 Fuel, and 20 Speed-Grow

Pack of 5 Speedgrow, 5 Water, and 5 Baby Bottles


Multicolour Pineapple Fence

Seaside Pergola


Baby Bay Zanskari Pony

Adult Bay Zanskari Pony

Prized Bay Zanskari Pony


Algae Pellets

Guppy Picture

Guppy Cutouts

Fish Bowl Decorations

Square Flower Pot

Blue Gravel

Plush Fabric


Ceramic Stone

River Stone

Guppy Cutouts

Java Fern

Aquatic Fertilizer

Calcium Block

UV Bulb


Algae Fish Treats

Guppy Keychain

Guppy Bunting

Fancy Fish Bowl

Boreal Chickweed Planter

Jar Aquarium

Guppy Plushie


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