FarmVille2: Build Your Corn Throne!


Help Barbara organize the Corn Queen's Court and win Jiaxing Mini Pig! Move the Corn Queen's Court to your farm to see what happens in the Light Test! Earn a Corn Queen Fence at the Corn Queen Court.

Release Date: 13/07/2021

Corn Throne

Corn Pail

Royal Carpet

Crown Pedestal

Materials for the next quests:

Handyman Toolkit

Corn Queen Sash

Corn Queen Vinyl

Balancing Books

Little Queen Shoes

Corn Queen Crown


Duffle Dance Bag


Corn Queen Fence

Corn Queen Fountain

Corn Queen Gate

Patio Cart with Umbrella


Baby Najdi Ram

Adult Najdi Ram

Prized Najdi Ram

Baby Jiaxing Mini Pig

Adult Jiaxing Mini Pig

Prized Jiaxing Mini Pig


Party Clutch

Kids Hairbrush

Heirloom Kids Hairbrush

Kids Face Lotion

Heirloom Kids Face Lotion

Participant Sash

Pocket Sewing Kit

Corn Corsage

Judge’s Sheets

Disco Ball

Heirloom Disco Ball

Party Masks

Dance Hat

Hot Sauce Corn Dog

Music System

Heirloom Music System

Fruit Punch

Secret Recipe Cake


Emulsifying Wax

Fabric Ink

Zipper Bag

Little Queen Bunch

Judge's Seal

Shiny Paint

Kids Mask

Fabric Ink

Hot Sauce

Speaker Magnets

Assorted fruits

Special Recipe


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