FarmVille2: Build Your Pirate Academy!


Build a Pirate Academy. A school where students are taught smart ways to play with animals and make them happy! Win a pirate ship and a Dzo-Yak calf!

Release Date: 15/06/2021

Pirate Academy

Pirate Flag

Ship Sign

Supply Crate

Students Trained

Materials for the next quest:

Pirate Hat

Pirate Flag Bunting

Captain’s Robe


Winter Bench

Puppy Pirate Ship


Baby Bolivian Alpaca

Adult Bolivian Alpaca

Prized Bolivian Alpaca

Baby Pontremolese Cow

Adult Pontremolese Cow

Prized Pontremolese Cow

Baby Ivory Norman Donkey

Adult Ivory Norman Donkey

Prized Ivory Norman Donkey

Baby Silver Dapple Paint Horse

Adult Silver Dapple Paint Horse

Prized Silver Dapple Paint Horse

Baby Jersey Buff Turkey

Adult Jersey Buff Turkey

Prized Jersey Buff Turkey

Baby Dzo Yak

Adult Dzo Yak

Prized Dzo Yak


30min Water Certificate valid for 14 days

Pack of Sugar and Pepper

5 Water

10 Water

8 Fertilizer

4 Salt

8 Salt

10 Bottle

Resource Pack

Resource Pack

Pack of Water, Speed Grow, Power


Course Supply Ingredients Pack

Supplies Pack 1

Supplies Pack 2

Supplies Pack 3

Big Lens

Wooden Cutlass

Mini Anchor

Spy Glass

Blue Eye Patch

Fancy Cutlass

Pirate Pendant


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