FarmVille2: Build Your Wine House!


Unlock all the machines using Chips and make some tasty wine delicacies! Time to make some tasty delicacies in here!

A new Vintners League begins every 3 days. At the end of each League your Customer Coupons collected in the league are reset!

"Is there anything else about The Wine House you would like us to know? Thank you. These answers will help us improve and make more fun experiences for you and the FarmVille 2 Community."

Release Date: Unknown

Wine House

Customer Coupons


Some Rewards:

4 Use Speed-Grow Machine

Diamond Shovel

Platinum Shovel

60 Minute Water Certificate

A pack of 6 Power and 6 Fuel

Black Pepper 10 Pack


Chef's Statue

Materials for the next quest:

Wine Candle

Crescent Wine Holder

Wine Bottle Vest

Ask/Post to friends:

Cocktail Picks

Wine Infused Cheese

Wine Container

Brewer's Yeast

Empty Wine Bottle

Wine Tapestry

Shiraz Glass

Rosé Glass

Montrachet Glass


Spice Pack

Spherical Mold

Golden Straw

Red Sauce

White Sauce


Chocolate shards


Red Wine Chocolate Cake

Wine Baked Camembert

Fettuccine Alfredo

Red Wine Linguine


Rose Gummies

Mulled Wine

Spiced Wine Fire Punch

White Wine


Red Wine

Cork Wreath

Heirloom Cork Wreath

Wine Stirrer

Heirloom Wine Stirrer

Wine Perfume

Wine Plushie

Wine themed Sheet

Wine Themed Quilt

Framed Wine House Tapestry

Heirloom Framed Wine House Tapestry

Wine House Banner

Wine bottle Vase

Heirloom Wine bottle Vase

Wine Wall Piece

Wine Pendant Lamp

Blueberry Wine Muffins

Wine Cheese Cake

Wine Slushie

Exotic Wine Extract

Heirloom Exotic Wine Extract

Wine Soaked Pears

Heirloom Wine Soaked Pears

Cheese Wine Shots

Red Wine Sangria

Heirloom Red Wine Sangria

Wine Jelly

Sweet Wine Muffin

Heirloom Sweet Wine Muffin

White Wine Poached Apples

Heirloom White Wine Poached Apples

Wine Frogurt

Wine Cheese Balls

Wine Cheese Spread

Wine And Cheese Colcannon

Cranberry Skewers

Port Spritzer

Heirloom Port Spritzer

Sangria Soaked Fruit Skewers


Baby Novokirghiz Horse

Adult Novokirghiz Horse

Prized Novokirghiz Horse


Sauvignon Blanc Grape

Prized Sauvignon Blanc Grape

Giant Mountain Grape

Prized Giant Mountain Grape

Yamanashi Grape

Prized Yamanashi Grape


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