FarmVille2: Build Your Succulent Garden!


Let's build your Succulent Garden. Let's start growing Succulents! Win a baby Przewalski’s Mini Horse!

A new fantastic building is coming in our farms. A fantastic new garden with many recipes, ingredients and a new horse! 

Release Date: 11/05/2021

Succulent Garden

Red Gardening Gloves

Gray Watering Can

Garden Pliers

Pristine Nutrients

Mega Mulch

Materials for the next quest:

Terrarium Container

Cactus Soil Mix

Mini Succulents


Succulent Fountain

Hedgehog Statue


Baby Przewalski’s Mini Horse

Adult Przewalski’s Mini Horse

Prized Przewalski’s Mini Horse

Ingredients & Recipes:

Window Haworthia (White Ceramic)

Window Haworthia (Pink Clay)

Window Haworthia (Gray Marble)

Teal Spray Bottle

Green Floral Wire

Pickerelweed Planter

Missouri Ironweed Planter

Gardening Kit

Succulent Wreath

Some Rewards:

15 Minutes Free Water Certificate

Pack of 50 Water

Pack of 100 Water

Pack of 150 Water

Pack of 25 Instagrow

Pack of 40 Instagrow

Pack of 75 Instagrow

Resource Pack of 10 Water and 8 Fertilizer

Resource Pack of 10 Power and 10 Speed Grow


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