FarmVille2: Build your Beauty Bar!


Build the Beauty Bar! Prepare and Sell Items to make a profit for the Beauty Bar! Earn enough Gold Tokens to win this baby Black and White Siri Cow!

Release Date: 25/05/2021

Beauty Bar

Salon Chair

Beauty Mirror

Hair Mannequin

Gold Token


Hint Parts

Materials for the next quest:

Shipment Stocklist

Sample Boxes

Store Banner


Lovely Mosaic Fence

Lovely Mosaic Archway


Baby Black and White Siri Cow

Adult Black and White Siri Cow

Prized Black and White Siri Cow


Amaranthine Viola

Prized Amaranthine ViolaPrized

Snowy Gardenia

Prized Snowy Gardenia

Blushing Ice Plant

Prized Blushing Ice Plant

Bittersweet Buttercup

Prized Bittersweet Buttercup

Blushing Ice Plant Packet


Resource Pack of 10 Water and 10 Fertilizer

Resource Pack of 5 Baby Bottles and 5 Speed-Grow

16 Hour Hungry Animal Certificate

Platinum Shovel

Speed-grow 25 Pack

Speed-grow 40 Pack

Speed-grow 75 Pack

Water 50 Pack

Water 75 Pack

Water 100 Pack

Ask/Post to friends:

Spray Bottle

Shade Net

Floral Crate

Claw Hammer

Steel Toe Boot

Lifting Jack

Emery Wheel

Miter Box



Leather Carving Tools

Shampoo Set

Chemistry Set"

Essential Oil


Hairdresser Satchel

Hair Care Kit

Nail Care Set

Spa Kit


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