FarmVille2: Build the Starfish Tank!


Build a Starfish Tank to help Gus collect Starfish. Complete Tasks to build your Starfish collection!
Complete collections to win a baby Lakenvelder Mini Cow! Win an Oceanfront Beach House
The Starfish Tank is ready to be built! Complete every collection to earn Starfish Tokens. Hover over them for more details! Buy Nets to collect Starfish and complete collections!

Release Date: 05/04/2021

Starfish Tank

Starfish Board

Pink Flower Planter

Teal Fishing Net


Feature Ticket

Dive Ticket


Gacha Tool

Premium Tol

Materials for the next quest:

Glass Pane

Fish Feeder

Emerald Gravel

Scuba Fins

Coral Centrepiece

Vintage Diving Helmet

Crown-of-Thorns Starfish

Royal Starfish

Pink Sea Star

Leather Star

Giant Spined Star

Sunflower Star

Morning Sun Star

Pacific Blood Star

Necklace Starfish

Granulated Sea Star

Bat Sea Star

Brisingid Sea Star

Pincushion Starfish

Chocolate Chip Sea Star

Panamic Cushion Star

Some Rewards:

Pack of 10 Fuel

Pack of 30 Fuel

Pack of 50 Fuel

15 Minute Water Certificate


Starfish Fence

Oceanfront Beach House

Dancing Starfish Statue


Baby Lakenvelder Mini Cow

Adult Lakenvelder Mini Cow

Prized Lakenvelder Mini Cow


Cod Liver Oil

Aquarium Picture

Starfish Cutouts

Fishing Reel

Goggle Strap

Ph Paper

Plush Filling

Starfish Bait


Fish Food

Starfish Buntings

Water Testing Kit

Starfish Plushie

Wooden Fishing Rod

Heirloom Wooden Fishing Rod

Diving Goggles

Heirloom Diving Goggles

Aquarium Key Chain


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