FarmVille2 Country Escape: Earth Day Excursion!


The Parker family are nature lovers and are visiting Mother Nature’s Park. They decide to explore the park and make Topiary sculptures to raise awareness. 
The feature will unlock at Level 12. A pop-up will appear on your screen inviting you to take part in the Earth Day Excursion Event. You may need to force close the game or reboot your device to see the latest update.

Once you have accepted the invitation, tap on the Nature Park to start exploring with the other nature lovers!

The Earth Day Excursion event is made up of 2 stages. The 1st stage will run from April 14 until April 19, 2021. The 2nd stage will start on April 20 and will end on April 25, 2021. You will have 12 days to complete the 2 stages and win rewards!

Get Gold in either stage to win the permanent Farm Hand Great Gaia. Win Gold in both stages to get the permanent Farm Hand Godly Gaia! 

 Earth Day Excursion Leaderboard 

You will be crafting orders to earn Decoration Points for the Earth Day Excursion Event. 

Complete as many orders as you can to earn more points so you can move up the Leaderboard!

You can also earn additional Decoration Points by: 
  • Completing event Quests.
  • Hiring temporary Farm Hands Plum Parker, Petunia Parker, and Poppy Parker.
  • Using Boosts.

Reach the top three ranks in the Leaderboard to win great rewards:
  • Bronze Trophy: 1 Silver Stamp, 1 Barn Nail, and 5 Golden Gloves
  • Silver Trophy: 2 Gold Stamps, 1 Padlock, 10 Keys, and 1 Eggstatic Pin
  • Gold Trophy: Great Gaia (permanent Farm Hand)

Earth Day Excursion Boosts: Silver Scissor Boost and Gold Scissor Boost

You can earn more Decoration Points by using Scissor boosts! Once activated, it will last for 1 hour, and you can only select one boost at a time.
  • Silver Scissor Boost helps you win 50% more points.
  • Gold Scissor Boost helps you win 100% more points. 
  • Diamond Scissor Boost helps you win 200% more points.  

Earth Day Excursion Pass

With the Earth Day Excursion Pass, you will double your rewards when you win a Silver or Bronze Trophy in either stages.

You can also get temporary Farm Hand Sanguine Stella for 21 days when you win a Gold Trophy in both stages.

Explorer’s Box Bonus

The Explorer’s Box Bonus is a Mystery reward that you can get by earning Decoration Points! Fulfill more orders to fill up the bar! Once filled, you’ll receive Mystery rewards! Tap the Collect button to claim your prizes.

Temporary Place of Interest: Evergreen Garden

The Evergreen Garden is a temporary area where you can get event items needed in each recipe.

Temporary Farm Hands: Petunia Parker, Plum Parker, and Poppy Parker

You can purchase Petunia Parker and/or Plum Parker and/or Poppy Parker as Farm Hands to help you complete the Earth Day Excursion event. You’ll have a higher chance of finding rare event items by using these Farm Hands.


Note: They are temporary Farm Hands, and will only stay on your farm for the whole duration of the event. Get them as early as possible to maximize the benefits they'll give you.

New Items and where to get them:

Phase 1

Kidney Beans - Evergreen Garden, Grandma's Glade, Prized Cow, and Prized Chicken 

Phase 2

Linen - Evergreen Garden, Pappy's Pond, Pier, Mallard Mill, Prized Horse, and Prized Goat

Phase 3

Green Apple - Evergreen Garden, Merryweather Mine, Prized Sheep, Prized Pig, and Prized Reindeer 


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