FarmVille2: Build Your Corn Maze Garden!


Build the Corn Maze Garden on your farm. Kernel Of Fun! Win the baby Pink Bayeux Mini Pig.

A new fantastic mystery is coming in our Farms with fantastic rewards. Help Percy and Sally find the secret garden in the corn maze! Make new recipes, find parts around asking items to friends and you will get closer to discovering the mystery enclosed in this new fantastic Garden.

Release Date: 27/04/2021

Corn Maze Garden to go on an adventure and record every moment!

Corn Maze Garden

Parts needed to build it:

Maze Archway


Maze Markers




Materials for the next Quest:

Bow Rake

Backyard Planters

Lily Water Bowl

New Decorations:

Garden Wall Fountain

Secret Garden Gate

Secret Garden Wall

New Animal:

Baby Pink Bayeux Mini Pig

Adult Pink Bayeux Mini Pig

Prized Pink Bayeux Mini Pig

Ask/Post to Friends:

County Map

Boy's Backpack
Landowner's Address Book

Photo of Footprints

Maze Designer's Pamphlet

Artist's Sketch

Visitor's Log

Newspaper Ad

Garden Magazines
Boy's Backpack

Walkie Talkies

Some Rewards:

Pack of 5 Water, 3 Speed Grow, 5 Super Feed

Pack of 3 Instagrow, 3 Shears

Pack of 2 Baby Bottles, 2 Instagrow, 2 Shears

Water Certificate

Ingredients for the new Recipes:

Surveyor’s Camera

Surveyor’s Toolkit

Filing Folders

Highlighter Pens

Sugar Sprinkles

Chocolate Cream

Bauble Button

New Recipes:

Surveyor’s Compass

Surveyor’s Toolkit

Document Bag

Findings Journal

Sticky Notes

Maps Crate

New Badges:


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