FarmVille2: Build the Corn Maze Garden, Guide!



Build the Corn Maze Garden on your farm. Kernel Of Fun! Win the baby Pink Bayeux Mini Pig.

A new fantastic mystery is coming in our Farms with fantastic rewards. Help Percy and Sally find the secret garden in the corn maze! Make new recipes, find parts around asking items to friends and you will get closer to discovering the mystery enclosed in this new fantastic Garden.

Release Date: 27/04/2021

Cornelius: "I'm sure you've seen Percy and his friends running around trying to find a secret garden! Well..that has inspired me to start working on my long abandoned backyard garden project! I'm a little out of depth and need all the help i can get. Will you join me?"

The Backyard Makeover 1/8:
  • Fertilize 15 Glory Bowers.
  • Feed 8 Goats.
  • Gather 15 Power.

The Backyard Makeover 2/8:
  • Collect 3 Bow Rakes.
  • Gather 16 Hedgehog Quills.
  • Make 5 Wool Puches.

The Backyard Makeover 3/8:
  • Collect 5 Biofuel.
  • Make 3 Buckets of Plaster.
  • Have 1 Cave Exploring Job.

The Backyard Makeover 4/8:
  • Collect 3 Backyard Planters.
  • Make 3 Glory Bower Headpieces.
  • Fertilize 30 Waterr Bamboos.

The Backyard Makeover 5/8:
  • Make 3 Surveyor's Compasses.
  • Harvest 5 Rainbow Eucalyptos Trees.
  • Make 5 Twine Shelves.

The Backyard Makeover 6/8:
  • Feed 5 Rabbits.
  • Tend your Bee Box 2 times.
  • Make 6 Leather Satchels.

The Backyard Makeover 7/8:
  • Collect 3 Lily Water Bowls.
  • Feed 5 Yaks.
  • Go Fishing 5 times.

The Backyard Makeover 8/8:
  • Harvest 30 Crimean Iris.
  • Make 6 Lumber.
  • Make 4 White Feather Centerpieces.


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