FarmVille2: Build Your Animal Creche!

Hi, Did you hear? The Animal Shelter doesn't have enough space for all the baby animals! Can you help Percy find farmers to adopt the poor babies? Then everyone will have a home for the holidays!

Release Date: 19/11/2019

Plush Puppy
Piggy Pumpkin
Adoption Archives

Animal Creche

Adoption Favor


Baby Sable Saanen Mini Goa
Adult Sable Saanen Mini Goat
Prized Sable Saanen Mini Goat


Plush Toy Stroller

Plush Toy Archway

Plush Toy Fence

Materials for the Quests inside the Building:

Baby Bird House
Bunny Trampoline
Birdie Towel
Piglet Stroller
Baby Goat Brush
Barn Heating Lamp

Pet Vaccine
Pet Thermometer


Stamp Kit

Piglet Bed

Bunny Plush Toy

Peachick Pumpkin

Feeding Bottle
Heirloom Feeding Bottle

Pet Planner

Feeding Formula

Pet Probiotics

Ask/Post to Friends:

Heart Stamp
Piggy Pillow
Bunny Ears
Peachick Crown
Feeding Nozzle
Paw Magnet
Bowl of Sauerkraut

Materials for the Next Quest:

Baby Book
Chew Ball

Pet Bowl

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