FarmVille2: Build Your Equestrian Center!

Help Marie host a Fall Equestrian Show her Grandpappy would have been proud of! Win a baby Brazilian Sport Horse!

Release Date: 08/10/2019

Show Signboard
Rosette Ribbons
Iron Flag Posts

Equestrian Center

Materials for the Quests inside the building:

Equine Book
Horse Nibbles
Panic Pills
Jump Block
Dressage Marker
Horse Ball
Horse Trophy


Horseshoe Archway

Horseshoe Pumpkin

Horseshoe Fence

Rustic Horse Statue


Show Jump Wing
Heirloom Show Jump Wing

Equestrian Helmet
Heirloom Equestrian Helmet

English Saddle

Boredom Chaser
Heirloom Boredom Chaser

Dressage Fence
Heirloom Dressage Fence

Vet Wrap

Equestrian Quiver

Finger Protection

Blue Rosette Ribbon

Arm Guard


Vaulting Shoes

Stallion Snack

Vintage Violin


Baby Brazilian Sport Horse
Adult Brazilian Sport Horse
Prized Brazilian Sport Horse

Ask/Post to Friends:

Silver Paint Bottle

Iron Stirrup

Hanging Toy

Lavender Dye

Equestrian Arrow

Velcro Strap

Navy Blue Ribbon

Arm Glove

Leather Strap

Net Cloth


Ceramic Scroll

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