FarmVille2: Collect 10 Free Fuel! (Day 07/21)

Collect Your free 10 fuel in FarmVille 2 now. Fuel is a consumable that is used to power the Crop Dryer and the Crop Duster.
It is unlocked at XpLevel 15 when players gain access to the river. Fuel can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Like Water  Water, 1 Fuel is regenerated every Clock 3 minutes
  • Harvested from the Fuel Pump. The amount received depends on the amount of times the Fuel Pump was upgraded.
  • Posting for more after the Fuel Pump is empty.
  • Buying packs of it from the General Store with Cash Farmbucks
  • Winning packs of it from the County Fair or State Fair

So get your free 10 fuel in FarmVille 2 released today for all farmers around the globe by clicking in image given below.

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