FarmVillle2: Add vibrance with French Marigold (Market LE Items)

Plant French Marigold, check out Florida White Rabbit, Peach Blossom Tea Trees and more!

Release Date: 03/06/2019


Bacuri Body Butter
Heirloom Bacuri Body Butter

Marigold Essential Oil

Bacuri Citrus Soap
Heirloom Bacuri Citrus Soap

Peach Blossom Candle
Heirloom Peach Blossom Candle

Dried Marigold Spice

Peach Blossom Cake
Heirloom Peach Blossom Cake


Baby Bohemian Red Mini Cow
Adult Bohemian Red Mini Cow
Prized Bohemian Red Mini Cow

Baby Costa Rican Saddle Horse
Adult Costa Rican Saddle Horse
Prized Costa Rican Saddle Horse

Baby Florida White Rabbit
Adult Florida White Rabbit
Prized Florida White Rabbit

Baby Brindle Guinea Pig
Adult Brindle Guinea Pig
Prized Brindle Guinea Pig


Saw Banksia Tree
Heirloom Saw Banksia Tree
Elder Saw Banksia Tree
Saw Banksia Tree Log
Heirloom Saw Banksia Tree Log

Heirloom Bacuri
Elder Bacuri
Bacuri Fruit
Heirloom Bacuri Fruit

Heirloom Peach Blossom

Heirloom Peach Blossom
Elder Peach Blossom
Peach Blossom Fruit
Heirloom Peach Blossom Fruit


French Marigold
Prized French Marigold
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