FarmVille2: The Putt Boat Race! (New Feature)

Gus and Percy have noticed that farmers across the county have been getting busier and being swamped with work is making them less cheerful. So, they decided to bring some excitement to the farm. They are arranging for a Putt Boat Race for everyone to take part in and you’re invited to join in as well! Join this friendly competition and show them your racing skills. This fun event will reward you with great prizes!

If you are level 25 or higher, the “Putt Putt Race Off!” popup will appear. Click on the “Let’s Race!” button to begin this feature.

The Racing Station is automatically placed outside your Farm near the river.

In the Putt Boat Race, you will compete in 15 challenges. The nodes along the river show the challenges you’ve taken part in.

Enter a race by finding a challenger first. Click the ‘Find a Challenger’ button to get started!

Once you’re paired with a challenger, you will race with your blue Putt Putt Boat against your opponent with the red Putt Putt Boat.

Each race pans across three days. To win, race your blue boat ahead of the opponent’s red boat by the time the race ends.

You will need to complete tasks in order to move along the race and win Race Points. Get more Race Points to get ahead of your competition.

You can get help with the tasks by getting Boosts. You can avail one boost per race so mix your strategy with the boost for exciting results!

Each challenge will last for only three days, so get as many points as you can before the race ends.

On winning a race, you’ll earn Prize Tokens. Redeem them for exciting rewards at the Prize Store!

The Prize Store screen displays all the rewards that you can redeem. Each of them shows the cost in Prize Tokens. Earn enough Tokens to collect them all!

Every race starts with a 2X Race Points boost, automatically activated for both, you and your challenger. Use it to gain a lead over your opponent!

As you continue earning Race Points across races, you will unlock milestone rewards at specific milestones. A yellow bar will mark your overall progress.

Go ahead, Farmer! Race your Putt Putt Boat against as many farmers as you can and win! While at it, help FarmVille find its lost cheer and fun!
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