FarmVille2: The Parade Pavilion!

There’ll be flowers everywhere as the Floral Parade comes to town! The floral show organizers are busy setting up for the grand parade this summer and Cornelius has been asked to be in charge of the flowers required for the floats. He’ll need your help to pack enough floral crates for the parade! You can help by building a Parade Pavilion on your farm! For your efforts, you’ll get a baby Selle Francais Horse and other rewards!
If you are level 15 or higher, the “Floral Parade-ise!” popup will appear. Click on the “Start Building” button to begin this feature.

Build the Pavilion by first collecting all the materials you need.


Then, ask your friends for help or hire builders.


The finished Pavilion, which is automatically placed outside your farm, will look like this:


Start preparing for the floral parade by clicking on the Pavilion. There are several Floral Crates that must be made ready for the parade.


To unlock these crates, you will need to get Heirloom trees. Take note that each crate gives out a different number of Delivery Stamps and the total requirement of trees to unlock a crate varies.


Get these Heirloom trees by clicking on the Go to Market button.


In the General Store, buy the required number of Heirloom Trees. You can either buy an Heirloom tree directly or purchase a regular tree and Heirloom it with Pruning Shears.


Once you have the required Heirloom Trees on your farm, the crate is unlocked. For each crate, you are required to Harvest and Pack.


You’ll need to harvest the Heirloom Trees on your farm to fulfill the first requirement.


For the Pack requirement, you’ll need to complete the farm tasks shown on the left side of the board.


You’ll be able to collect Delivery Stamps when you’ve finished filing and packing crates. Once you’ve reached specific milestones, you’ll earn the rewards.


To earn more Delivery Stamps, unlock all 3 crates!


Want to earn bonus Delivery Stamps? Unlocking your third crate will allow you to get extra Delivery Stamps after completing the requirements!


Keep track of the number of bonus Delivery Stamps you’ve collected by checking the counter at the lower left portion of the board.


Collect all the Delivery Stamps to win the baby Selle Francais Horse and 10 Favors!


Help Cornelius harvest and pack flowers for the floral parade and win great rewards!
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