FarmVille2: Build the Bovine Shed!

A Bovine Shed for the naughty yak and bison to play in! Make room for a mischievous baby Black American Bison on your farm!

Release Date: 11/06/2019

Cattle Bell
Ornamental Horn
Stone Slab

Bovine Shed


Baby Black American Bison
Adult Black American Bison
Prized Black American Bison

Baby Bald Faced Grey Yak
Adult Bald Faced Grey Yak
Prized Bald Faced Grey Yak

Materials for the Next Quest:

Gray Cobblestones
Fountain Design
Grand Reopening Invites
Calf Food Pellets

Ask/Post to Friends:

Horn Plug

Metal Ingot

Weight Mixture

Metal Buckle


Chinese Pavilion


Horn Protectors

Hoof Trimmer
Heirloom Hoof Trimmer

Baby Feeder
Heirloom Baby Feeder

Weight Bags

Animal Harness

Nutrition Pack

Japanese Apricot Soap

Heirloom Japanese Apricot Soap

Panache Fig Shampoo
Heirloom Panache Fig Shampoo

Japanese Apricot Umeboshi
Heirloom Japanese Apricot Umeboshi

Japanese Apricot Cheesecake
Heirloom Japanese Apricot Cheesecake

Japanese Apricot Glazed Whitefish
Heirloom Japanese Apricot Glazed Whitefish

Grilled Japanese Apricot and Brie
Heirloom Grilled Japanese Apricot and Brie

Panache Fig and Macadamia Crostata
Heirloom Panache Fig and Macadamia Crostata

Panache Fig Walnut Salad
Heirloom Panache Fig Walnut Salad

Broiled Cheesy Panache Fig
Heirloom Broiled Cheesy Panache Fig

Panache Fig Lime Pie
Heirloom Panache Fig Lime Pie

Mayhaw Thumbprint Cookies
Heirloom Mayhaw Thumbprint Cookies

Mayhaw Cheese Wheels
Heirloom Mayhaw Cheese Wheels

Mayhaw Cider
Heirloom Mayhaw Cider

Mayhaw Butter Cookies
Heirloom Mayhaw Butter Cookies

Mayhaw Jelly
Heirloom Mayhaw Jelly

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