FarmVille2: The Senior Citizens' Ball! (Community Event)

Forever Young! Contribute as many Ballroom Supplies as you can! Win Amazing Rewards along the way! Work as a Community to organize a magnificent Senior Citizens' Ball!

Ballroom Dresser
Ballroom Supply
Vanity Kit


Saffron Wood Tree
Heirloom Saffron Wood Tree
Elder Saffron Wood Tree


Castle Stone Wall
Castle Farmhouse
Rose Planter Stand
Rainbow Pots Archway
Vintage Sewing Table


Baby Herens Cow
Adult Herens Cow
Prized Herens Cow

Baby Spotted Mulefoot Pig
Adult Spotted Mulefoot Pig
Prized Spotted Mulefoot Pig

Ask/Post to Friends:

Gown Fabric
Gold Lapel Pin
Crystal Chandelier
Ballroom Carpet
Lace Placemats


Instabloom Machine

10-Minute Water Certificate

2 Hour Fertilizer Certificate


Bronze Ballroom Badge
Silver Ballroom Badge
Gold Ballroom Badge
Platinum Ballroom Badge

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