FarmVille2: Plant the pretty Rocky Mountain Columbine! (Martket LE Items)

Add whimsy to your farm with the Rocky Mountain Columbine, Brown Latvian Cow, Sitka Spruce Trees and more!

Release Date: 01/04/2019


Frywood Oil
Heirloom Frywood Oil

Frywood Balm
Heirloom Frywood Balm

Columbine Corsage

Java Apple Jelly
Heirloom Java Apple Jelly

Candied Java Apple
Heirloom Candied Java Apple

Columbine Table Planter


Baby Brown Latvian Cow
Adult Brown Latvian Cow
Prized Brown Latvian Cow

Baby Spotted Abyssinian Donkey
Adult Spotted Abyssinian Donkey
Prized Spotted Abyssinian Donkey

Baby Silver Dapple Paint Horse
Adult Silver Dapple Paint Horse
Prized Silver Dapple Paint Horse

Baby Crevecoeur Chicken
Adult Crevecoeur Chicken
Prized Crevecoeur Chicken


Sitka Spruce Tree
Heirloom Sitka Spruce Tree
Elder Sitka Spruce Tree

Java Apple
Heirloom Java Apple
Elder Java Apple
Java Apple Fruit
Heirloom Java Apple Fruit

Frywood Flowers
Heirloom Frywood Flowers
Elder Frywood Flowers
Frywood Flowers Fruit
Heirloom Frywood Flowers Fruit


Rocky Mountain Columbine
Prized Rocky Mountain Columbine

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