FarmVille2: The Three Little Pigs, Official Guide!

I bet you’ll be thrilled to hear that there is a new production coming up in our Pet Theater. Like you, a lot of the townsfolk are looking forward to it due to the wonderful performances of our pets. Now it’s time to turn the spotlight to our pigs, with the help of a dog, as they enact the tale of The Three Little Pigs.

If you are level 15 or higher, the “The Pet Theater Proudly Presents...” invite will appear. Click on the “Show Me!” button to learn more about this FarmVille production.

The Pet Theater is then automatically placed outside your farm. Click on it to proceed with the feature.


The early access option window will then appear. To start training the pigs and dog early, click on the “Unlock now” button. Doing this will gain you extra benefits. You can also begin later when the feature is released to everyone.


The stage is now open to train the 3 pigs and the dog for their assigned roles.


Let’s start with first role for the Lazy Pig.


To train your pet for the role, you need to complete the tasks shown at the left of the menu.


For their training, each of the pigs and dog will be rehearsing three Acts of the play.


Complete an Act before the time runs out to get a Bonus that you can use for the next Act.


You can complete Acts faster with the help of Marie and Barbara.


Give them tasks to complete by clicking on the Add button.


Then, click on the tasks you want your helper to complete. Take note that each task gives out a different number of Sponsor Points.


There’ll be a waiting time for a task to be finished. While waiting for Marie to finish her task, you can assign another task to Barbara.


One of the benefits of early access is having free water for 30 minutes that you can use for Act 1 for the Lazy Pig! Claim your benefit and use it wisely. Remember that completing Acts before the allotted time will greatly help you in this feature. Completing Act 1 in 2 days will give you a useful Bonus for Act 2, completing Act 2 in 2 days will give you another Bonus for Act 3, and so on!


Once you have completed a task, you’ll get Sponsor Points.


Keep collecting Sponsor Points to get milestone rewards.


Once you’ve completed the tasks for Act 1, you can now help rehearse the first pig for the the Lazy Pig role.


Watch how the pig is learning the role.


After the rehearsal, the next Act for the Lazy Pig role is ready. Make use of your bonus to complete tasks.


Complete the rehearsals for the three pigs and the dog to be able to watch the entire play. You also get to win a rare adult Siberian Husky and Consumables!


This will be one engrossing play to watch out for so start your Pet Theater now and get great prizes!

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