FarmVille2: The Punch Card!

Earn Punches by purchasing Farm Bucks. Earn  Punches in given time to win a Australian Melaan Goat! Fill up your Punch Card to win a Kazakh Whitehead Cow!


Baby Medimurje Horse
Adult Medimurje Horse
Prized Medimurje Horse

Baby Australian Melaan Goat
Adult Australian Melaan Goat
Prized Australian Melaan Goat

Baby Kazakh Whitehead Cow
Adult Kazakh Whitehead Cow
Prized Kazakh Whitehead Cow

Baby Black Faced Dorper Sheep
Adult Black Faced Dorper Sheep
Prized Black Faced Dorper Sheep

Baby Orlov Trotter Horse
Adult Orlov Trotter Horse
Prized Orlov Trotter Horse

Baby Orkney Sheep
Adult Orkney Sheep
Prized Orkney Sheep


Piano Fence

Falling Leaves Patch
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