FarmVille2: Build Your Traditions Table!

Love Traditionally! Set Up a Traditions Table with Barbara. Invite friends over to pick up Gifts & collect Felt Hearts. Win a baby Najdi Ram.

Release Date: 12/02/2019

Rose Bunting
Vintage Chalkboard
Heart Balloons

Traditions Table

Felt Hearts


Marzipan Figurine

Wooden Lovespoon

Message in a Bottle


Deck up your farm for the Season of Love!

Teal Love Planter

Teal Love Shed

Teal Love Fence


Burma Teak Tree
Heirloom Burma Teak Tree


Baby Najdi Ram
Adult Najdi Ram
Prized  Najdi Ram

Ask/Post to Friends:

Carving Mallet

Cork Stopper

Materials for the Next Quest:

Bunch of Black Roses
Anti-Romance T-Shirt
Heart Pinata

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