FarmVille2: Pet Theater v3!

An Oinksome Performance Awaits...The Pet Theater Proudly Presents . . .The Three Little Pigs!
Train the townsfolk's Pigs to star in the show! Marie & her crew will help you by doing some of your tasks! Win an ALL-NEW Husky that will collect Rare Ingredients for you!

Pet Theater
Sponsor Point
Audition Call

30 Minutes Double XP


Baby Siberian Husky
Adult Siberian Husky
Prized Siberian Husky

Baby Painted Marwari Horse
Adult Painted Marwari Horse
Adult Painted Marwari Horse


The Lazy Pig's Hay House
The Sleepy Pig's Stick House
Three Little Pigs Planter
The Clever Pig's Brick House

Ask/Post to Friends:

Wolf Eye Glasses
Mamma Pig's Apron
Piggy Suitcases
Forest Map

Felt Pigs
Dog-Safe Paint
Plush Felt
Food Tray
Petrified Wood


Piggy Play Invite

Pig Bunting

Three Little Pigs Mug

Hay House Prop

Stick House Prop
Heirloom Stick House Prop

Brick House Prop

Piggy Scarf

Pig Overalls

Piggy Beanie

Dog Eyeliner

Fake Claw

Wolf Mask

Sturdy Chimney

Roof Tile

Sleepy Piggy Plushie

Comfy Hay Bed

Piggy Nutrition

Piggy Snack Pack

Welcome Sign Prop

Garden Window Prop

Piggy Rack Prop

Piggy Fruit Bowl

Fur Color Spray
Heirloom Fur Color Spray

Pig Mailbox
Heirloom Pig Mailbox

Wallow Pool
Heirloom Wallow Pool

Wolf Cape

Husky Treats
Heirloom Husky Treats

Dry Fruit Feast
Heirloom Dry Fruit Feast

Piggy Hat

Pig Pasta Treat

Pig Stickers

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