FarmVille2: The Donation Drive Event!

Prepare Donation Boxes and help the Community reach its Goals to unlock rewards for all of FarmVille! Complete these tasks to contribute Donation Boxes. Ask your friends to fill your Fruit Baskets to contribute more Donation Boxes! Contribute Donation Boxes & make the Donation Drive a grand success!

Donation Table

Fruit Basket
Donation Box


Helping Hands Fence
15-Minute Water Certificate
Instabloom Machine

Helping Hands Statue


Pretty Purple Planter

 Woven Bird Nest Seater

Pack of 5 Baby Bottles
Jack Pine Tree
Heirloom Jack Pine Tree
Elder Jack Pine Tree


Baby Overo Kathiawari Horse
Adult Overo Kathiawari Horse
Prized Overo Kathiawari Horse

Ask/Post to Friends:

Pashmina Shawl
Snow Boots
Petroleum Jelly
Care Package

Harvests Left

Harvests Left

Harvests Left

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