FarmVille2: Cornelius’ Bake Off! (Official Guide)


Coming up with new cake creations can be quite demanding. It’s no wonder that, after a long while, Cornelius has ran out of unique ideas. Well, he isn’t too bothered though cause he knows he can count on you to shake things up. So, he’s asking you to join in a friendly bake off that he’s organizing. You can team up with a partner to make spectacular confections. Have a Cake Decorating Station in your farm and create 10 cakes for Cornelius.

If you are level 25 or higher, the “Cakes Two to Tango!” popup will appear. Click on the “Let’s Bake!” button to learn more about this feature.
The Cake Decorating Station is automatically placed outside your farm. Click on it to start baking.

You can choose to start your own cake or partner with another farmer. Click on the “Start or Join a Cake!“ button to make your choice.


If you want to start a new partnership choose one cake that you’ll like to bake in the selection shown in the left side of the menu. You can invite your friends, neighbors or other farmers in the community to join you!


If you want to partner with someone else to bake the cake they started, select a cake shown at the right side of the menu.


After you have a selected a cake, you can now start baking it. The cake is two-tiered so you will bake the bottom tier while your partner will bake the top tier. A cake is baked across three stages and you can check your progress by looking at the cakes in the middle of the menu.


After starting a cake you can invite someone to partner with you by clicking on the Invite button.


You will then be given a choice of how you’ll get a partner to make the cake.


Once you’ve found a partner, each of you have personal goals to complete which will make a two-tiered cake. Personal goals consist of 4 tasks to be completed.


Complete tasks appearing in the lower area of the screen to finish your personal goal.


You must complete your personal goals within 3 days.


If you aren’t able to complete your goals within the given time, progress with your cake will be lost!


Take note that only the partner who wasn’t able to complete the goals will lose progress.


Take note that only the partner who wasn’t able to complete the goals will lose progress.


Keep completing goals so you and partner can progress with making the cake.


Complete the remaining two goals within the bake time to bake a prettier cake and earn more Cake Points.


Do you want to activate a boost for yourself and also share it with your partner? Then activate Boosts to help with the tasks.


You can both share a total of 2 boosts per partnership.


Bake more cakes to earn milestone rewards. Bake more cakes with a partner to earn higher Cake Points! Earning higher Cake Points will reward you the final reward of the Extraordinary Farmhand for a longer time.


The Extraordinary Farmhand can raise a baby animal, activate pre-fertilized crops boost for 45 minutes or speed-grow all, once every day!

Cornelius is very excited to see what you and your partner have created. Start making cakes now and get awesome rewards!
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