FarmVille2: Build Your Wedding Favor Station!

A Labor of Love! Help Cornelius build a Wedding Favor Station! Pack Gift Baskets to collect Gift Points! Win a baby horse and other rewards!

Release Date: 05/02/2019

Wedding Arches
Packing Workbenchc
Mini Chalkboard

Wedding Favor Station
Gift Point

Ask/Post to Friends:

Paper Tray
Pink Wax Melt
Crystal Heart
Couple Topper Jar
Dipping Chocolate
Coaster Holder
Pastel Tassels
Lace Squares


Confetti Cones

Crochet Coasters

Scented Sachets
Heirloom Scented Sachets

Gourmet Treats

Lovely Charm

Mini Macarons
Heirloom Mini Macarons

Sweetheart Candle

Dreamy Candy

Gift Basket Tags
Heirloom Gift Basket Tags


Baby Silesian Horse
Adult Silesian Horse
Prized Silesian Horse


Garden Loveseat

Lovestruck Fence

Materials for the Next Quests:

Bunch of Green Balloons
Tray of Welcome Drinks
Pair of Ceremonial Scissors


30 min Water Certificate

Pack of 10 Pruning Shears
Pack of 15 Pruning Shears
Pack of40 Pruning Shears
Pack of 75 Pruning Shears

Pack of 25 Instagrow
Pack of 40 Instagrow
Pack of 75 Instagrow

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