FarmVillw2: Build Your Wintertainment Shack!

The Winter Carnival is here! Help Marie Organize a Winter Carnival at the Wintertainment Shack! Complete quests and make the Winter Carnival a success! Complete Quests and win the baby Romanian Baltata Cow.

Release Date: 01/01/2019

Bonfire Bowl
Carnival Lights
Winter Games Signboard

Wintertainment Shack

Materials for the Next Quests:

Coffee Tin
Muffin Wrapper
Emergency Kit

Materials for the Quests inside the Building:

Ticket Puncher
Brass Handle
Snowshoe Straps
Lake Thermometer
Carnival Trophy


Snowventure Gate

Snow Wreath Lamp Post

Snowventure Fence


Winter Coat

Racing Sled
Heirloom Racing Sled

Sled Seat

Curling Stone

Curling Scoreboard

Chewy Energy Bar

Curling Broom

Berry Hot Chocolate


Snow Gaiters

Trekking Poles

Diving Board
Heirloom Diving Board

Warm Towel

Winner's Podium


Baby Romanian Baltata Cow
Adult Romanian Baltata Cow
Prized Romanian Baltata Cow

Ask/Post to Friends:

Metal Runners
Granite Block
Whiteboard Marker
Bowl of Puffed Brown Rice
Neoprene Lace
Board Spring
Wooden Staff
Cotton Yarn
Podium Block
Safety Buckle
Broom Handle

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