FarmVille2: Get the pretty Astra Pink Balloon! (Market LE Items)

Plant Astra Pink Balloon, check out Kalmyk Mini Cow, Sweet Michelia Trees and more!

Release Date: 31/12/2018


Michelia Framed Mirror
Heirloom Michelia Framed Mirror

Sweet Michelia Perfume
Heirloom Sweet Michelia Perfume

Astra Floral Archway

Winin Palm Oil
Heirloom Winin Palm Oil

Palm Nut Soup
Heirloom Palm Nut Soup

Astra Floral Vase


Baby Bielefelder Kennhuhn Chicken
Adult Bielefelder Kennhuhn Chicken
Prized Bielefelder Kennhuhn Chicken

Baby Kalmyk Mini Cow
 Adult Kalmyk Mini Cow
Prized Kalmyk Mini Cow

Baby Novokirghiz Horse
Adult Novokirghiz Horse
Prized Novokirghiz Horse

Baby Gulf Coast Ram
Adult Gulf Coast Ram
Prized Gulf Coast Ram


Pau Marfim Tree
Heirloom Pau Marfim Tree
Elder Pau Marfim Tree

Winin Palm
Heirloom Winin Palm
Elder Winin Palm
Winin Palm Fruit
Heirloom Winin Palm Fruit

Sweet Michelia
Heirloom Sweet Michelia
Elder Sweet Michelia
Sweet Michelia Fruit
Heirloom Sweet Michelia Fruit


Astra Pink Balloon
Prized Astra Pink Balloon
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