FarmVille2: Cakes Two to Tango!

Bake cakes with other farmers! Earn Cake Points for baking them! Win the Extraordinary Farmhand!

Cake Decorating Station
Cake complete point
The Extraordinary Farmhand


Celebratory Cake Server

Baking Tools Set

Teacake Gift Hamper

Romantic Gift
Heirloom Romantic Gift

Ambient Table Lamp

Baking Station Centerpiece

Decoration Candy Cookies
Heirloom Decoration Candy Cookies

Crunchy Candy Shakes

Trail Mix with Candies

Sprinkled Chocolate Bombs

Sprinkled Flan

Sprinkled Assorted Cupcakes
Heirloom Sprinkled Assorted Cupcakes

Blueberry Meringue Cake

Mango and Passion Fruit Delice
Heirloom Mango and Passion Fruit Delice

Layered Turnip and Cheese Bake

Marmalade Toast with Berry

Afternoon Teacake Platter
Heirloom Afternoon Teacake Platter

Creamy Broccoli and Mushroom Casserole

Mushroom Buns

Spicy Hand Pies
Heirloom Spicy Hand Pies

Cheesy Mushroom Pizza

Chocolate Ganache

Choco Berry Crispies

Roasted Tomato Tart

Cheesy Baked Risotto

Vegetable Soup

Corn Beignets
Heirloom Corn Beignets

Crispy Turnip Pancakes

Cranberry Cannoli

Choco Lava Cake


Tiered Cake Planter

Ask/Post to Friends:

Cake Serving Knife

Vanilla Bean Teacake

Square Baking Dish

Decoration Candies

Cake Sprinkles

Egg Beater

Material for the Next Tasks:

Icing Bottle
Clear Cake Box
White Napkin

Assorted Nuts

Butter Paper

Powdered Sugar

Fresh Fruit Delight Cake
Lemon Fondant Cake
Very Strawberry Cake

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