FarmVille2: Build your Winter Bazaar!

One Stop Shop! Set up a Winter Bazaar for your Customers! Fulfil requests to earn Stall Tokens and make your Bazaar successful! Win a baby Rabbit and amazing rewards!

Release Date: 11/12/2018

Bazaar Bulbs
Golden Snowflake
Holiday Shopping Bag

Winter Bazaar

Stall Token
Stall Token

Materials for the Next Quest:

Snow Scraper
Winter Emergency Kit
Set of Gift Tags


Winter Green Arch

Winter Green Fence


These plants can be found bursting into bloom while snow is still on the ground!

Snow Crocus
Prized Snow Crocus

The Cerulean Cineraria can withstand cold climates!

Cerulean Cineraria
Prized Cerulean Cineraria

Ask/Post to Friends:

Frosted Fir Needles

Gingerbread Kit

Cocoa Mix

Embroidered Cuff

Sparkly Snowflake


Merry Berry Garland

Winter Welcome Wreath

Crystal Clear Ornament

Candy Cane Cup

Floral Gingerbread Cottage

Blooming Hot Chocolate

Holiday Greeting Cards

Festive Stocking

Icy Snow Globe


Baby Marburger Rabbit
Adult Marburger Rabbit
Prized Marburger Rabbit

Other Rewards:

One Hour Water Certificate
Baby Bottle 10 Pack

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