FarmVille2: Build a Baking Cart!

Make Festive Bread and earn Bread Points to win a baby Platinum Hedgehog! Build all the Bread Ovens to make more Festive Bread and earn Bread Points faster!

Release Date: 18/12/2018

Baking Caddy
Mixing Bowl
Christmas Decoration

Baking Cart

Bread Point

Bread Ovens
Festive Oven Mitt
Loaf Tin
Oak Bread Peel
Dry Yeast
Bread Proofing Basket
Dough Cutter


The Platinum Hedgehog remains warm naturally even at -40 degrees!

Baby Platinum Hedgehog
Adult Platinum Hedgehog
Prized Platinum Hedgehog


Strawberry Star Bread

Snowy Cinnamon Rolls

Pumpkin Bread Cornucopia

Festive Savory Brioche

Orange Mini-Loaf
Heirloom Orange Mini-Loaf

Holiday Crescent Rolls

Yuletide Panettone

Sticky Apple Bread
Heirloom Sticky Apple Bread

Candied Berry Julekake

Braided Fig Bread

Grandma’s Bread Pudding

Lemon Challah
Heirloom Lemon Challah

Pecan Bread
Heirloom Pecan Bread

Materials for the Next Quest:

B&B Guide
Travel Diary
Tin of County Confections

Ask/Post to Friends:

Creamy Camembert
Chocolate Pine Cones
Powdered Cinnamon


Snowy Festive Archway
Snowy Festive Fence
Snowy Festive Gazebo

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